Smart Farming

Farming has seen a number of technological transformations in the last decades, becoming more industrialized and technology-driven. Smart agriculture : The Smart Agriculture system is capable of measuring and monitoring effective parameters in growing agricultural crops by using various sensors and accurate measurement systems available in this product. It also can intelligently monitor as well as control the climate, eliminating the need for manual intervention in greenhouses.... That data is stored in a cloud-based platform for further processing and control with minimal manual intervention.
Smart Aquaculture: Aquaculture is one of the vital factors to support the food needs of the world community, especially in developing countries.


Increasing business efficiency through process automation

Better control over the internal processes

Enhancing product quality and volumes

waste reduction

Managing data using a mobile or a web app

Tons of data collected by smart sensors

lower production risks

Cost management

Sensors And Features:

In each product category, only the usual sensors are listed. The sensors are customizable based on the order.

  • DO sensor
  • Ammonium sensor
  • pH sensor
  • Nitrate sensor
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • Soil temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Solar and Ultraviolet Radiations sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Wind Direction and Velocity sensor
  • Air temperature sensor
  • Rain sensor
  • Tank level sensor
  • Flow Meter sensor
  • Battery Connectivity and Solar Charging system
  • Easy Installation
  • High quality body and totally Waterproof and Dustproof