Smart Public Service

Smart technologies are making their mark in the public services. One of the main roles of governments involves enhancing provision of smart public services that meets the increasing citizens' expectation. The initiatives rely on those technologies. In a Smart City, the citizen is key to performance and operations. IoT has applications in healthcare, emergency services and security units that benefit hospitals, fire stations, police stations and insurance companies

Managing data using a mobile or a web app.

Instantly Responding to Alarms

Easily Measuring Performance

Crime detection

keeping track of patients' health more effectively

giving firefighters a clue as to the intensity of fires


Police and public safety

Sensors And Features:

In each product category, only the usual sensors are listed. The sensors are customizable based on the order.

  • The Smart Tracking platform
  • Sound pollution measurement sensor
  • Traffic sensor
  • Smoke, Fire and Gas sensor
  • Fire detection panels
  • Atmospheric pollutants sensor
  • Metering sensor
  • The Smart Parking system